Carbon Management

Our Achievements To Date

As a successful and growing University, we face the challenge that our Estate is constantly changing, both in size and in the age and style of buildings. We are therefore continually investigating new and emerging technologies with which to enhance the performance and appearance of the estate.

Our most recent environmental projects have included:

The success of the University’s approach to environmental issues is evident. The next stage in our development will be to ensure that these technical successes are matched by our success in reaching out to all our communities within the University and harnessing their talents, innovations and their enthusiasm in order to ensure that we continue to make progress

Carbon Management Plan Summary 

We have a carbon management plan that takes us up to 2021. Our current target is to reduce our scope one and two carbon emissions by 27% by 2021 using 2005 as our baseline year. By 2021 we reduced our carbon emissions by approximately 22.6%. University-owned student residences make up approximately 27% of the University's total emissions.

Measures listed within our carbon management plan include the installation of more solar panels, switching to electric pool cars, continued roll-out of LED lighting, making improvements to our BMS settings and behaviour change initiatives. The full-carbon management plan is available to staff and students on request (please email The current carbon management plan is the responsibility of the Environment and Sustainability Manager, supported by colleagues within Estates.

The Carbon Management Plan is financed primarily through the Estates led Capital Investment Programme which is reviewed on an annual basis. However, external funding opportunities are also sought out to assist with the implementation of projects, such as the Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme. 

Progress on the carbon management plan is reported to the Environmental Steering Group at each meeting.

Emission Type Baseline 2005/06 tCO2e  2021/22 tCO2e
Gas 3,028 3,518
Electricity 3,853 2,387
Fleet Fuel 57 34
Oil 709 0
Total 7,647. 5,939

Scope 3 Carbon Emissions Baseline data

We currently monitor our scope three emissions associated with procurement, water and waste. We have targets associated with these three areas on our SMART targets page.

Roadmap to Zero Carbon

Over recent years we have been guided by our carbon management plans which have helped us to reduce our carbon emissions.

During the summer of 2021, we started work to develop our 'Roadmap to Zero Carbon'. This will help us set ambitious targets and understand what we need to do to achieve them.