Even though we are predominantly a city university we still play a vital role for the biodiversity in the area due to our proximity to certain habitats and the large potential for creating wildlife corridors on our sites throughout the city.

We also have our sites in the Peak District and Chesterfield. Oakland's manor was acquired in 2012 and hosts a variety of different flora and fauna and has great potential to improve the natural habitat of the site.

We are currently in the process of approving our new Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP) for the next 5 years which will help us manage the biodiversity on our sites going forward.

You can view our current Biodiversity Action Plan below:

Biodiversity Action Plan Rev B June 14


The University of Derby BAP will form actions and programme of works for the management, improvement, enhancement and protection of the university's estate. 

The Grounds Maintenance Team and the Quality and Compliance Manager are responsible for the management and improvement where possible of:


You can find more about the biodiversity at our sites please follow the links below:

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