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Making a Sponsorship Request

If you wish to approach the University of Derby for sponsorship then please submit a sponsorship request form. For your request to be considered it must fulfill/align to at least one of each of the following criteria, so please demonstrate how it does this through the information you provide in the form.


1. University Pillars

  • Moulding the next generation of game-changers
  • Being a force for positive impact
  • Opening doors for everyone

2. Sponsorship Principles

  • Building/enhancing the University’s external profile and reputation, and subsequently supporting student recruitment/research/commercial funding opportunities
  • Supporting the positioning of the University as a high-quality and credible Higher Education Institute (HEI), delivering excellence in teaching, learning and research (an applied University of today and for tomorrow), and raising the aspirations, improving the life skills, and adding value to the lives of everyone in the region
  • Providing opportunities to increase the University’s influence among key external stakeholders and influencers, locally, nationally, or internationally, bringing benefits to students, staff and the wider population

3. Academic Areas of Focus

As part of our strategic focus, the University of Derby will continue to build its profile and influence around six core areas of academic excellence. Learn more about the academic themes below.

  • Public Services - Influencing policy and providing a workforce fit for the future, enhanced by strong leadership, digital skills, innovation and research impact
  • Business, Economic & Social Policy - Enabling and empowering better business for a better society, and enriching the enterprise agenda through academic and professional engagements
  • Zero Carbon - Developing practical and influential initiatives across the region that drive change towards the realisation of our sustainable future
  • Data Science - Focusing on bringing decision making to data: real-time edge computing in connected systems that sense, process and act immediately across a range of sectors
  • Biomedical Science - Getting the best health outcomes for patients through a greater understanding of the pathology of disease, underpinned by technology enhancements and focus on patient experience, acceptance and adoption
  • Creative Industries - Embracing the creating, designing, making, engineering and enterprising heritage of our place to energise the region's creative, civic and cultural heartlands and hinterlands

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Projects we've supported

We get to work with some inspiring groups across Derbyshire who make a big difference to their communities. We're proud to support these initiatives.

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