Joint Honours

One degree, two subjects 

A Joint Honours degree gives you the opportunity to study two subjects as one degree. This type of degree will broaden your skill set and enhance your career prospects.

Employers see the benefits of employing graduates with an interdisciplinary study background. Possessing an adaptable approach and a wide skill set is appealing to employers and puts you ahead in the job market. You will graduate with developed skills such as the ability to adapt, prioritise and organise your work.

Learning from two different subject tutors gives you a valuable, all round learning experience and the opportunity to absorb industry-focused expertise.


If you are studying full time, each year you will cover six chosen modules from your two subject areas.

If you are studying part time, each year you could study up to four modules. The Joint Honours Programme Leader will discuss and agree with you how many modules you can study depending on the hours you can commit to.

How does it work?

There are two ways to combine the subjects in your degree:

  • Joint - study two subjects equally (each year, study three modules from each subject)
  • Major-Minor – specialise in one subject (with up to 5 modules each year) and minor with the remaining module(s) from your second chosen subject.

What subjects can I combine?

You can combine over 30 different subjects - most combinations are possible. The subjects you choose don't necessarily have to be related.

Below is a list of subjects you can study as a Joint Honours degree; you can combine any two subjects as long as they are in different zones:

Zone 1Zone 2Zone 3Zone 4
Education Studies American Studies Architectural Design Accounting***
Film and TV Studies Criminology English Early Childhood Studies*
Geography Biology Geology Environmental Hazards
Marketing Business Management Human Resources Management History
Mathematics Creative Writing Analytics*** International Relations & Global Development
Psychology Dance & Movement Studies Law Property Development
Politics Media Studies Popular Music Production Sociology
  Zoology Third World Development Sports & Exercise Studies
         Theatre Studies

* not available as a Major.

** not available as a Minor.

*** not available as a Major or Minor.

Student support

In addition to all the support available for every student, you will also have access to support staff dedicated to the Joint Honours Scheme. The team consists of three academic counsellors, three faculty-based counsellors, and we also have a dedicated Student Liaison Officer who is able to support on all aspects of life at university.

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