Joint Honours at Derby

Joint Honours at Derby. Two subjects, one degree Personalise your degree and strengthen your prospects by combining two subjects you’re passionate about.

Two subjects, one degree

A Joint Honours degree gives you the opportunity to study two subjects as one degree. This type of degree will broaden your skill set and enhance your career prospects.

Why should I study Joint Honours?

  • You’re passionate about two courses and wish to study both
  • 70% of graduate jobs don’t specify a degree subject so these skills, combined with your subject knowledge, will enable you to apply for a broader range of jobs when you finish
  • Put yourself ahead in the job market
  • Develop skills such as time-management, initiative, flexibility and adaptability
  • Keep your options open after University

What subjects can I combine?

You can combine any two subjects as long as they’re in different zones. E.g. Education Studies and History.

Zone 1Zone 2Zone 3Zone 4
Education Studies American Studies Analytics Accounting
Biology Architectural Design Early Childhood Studies
Journalism Business Management Counselling and Psychotherapy Principles and Practices* Environmental Hazards
Marketing Child and Family Health and Wellbeing Economics  History
Creative and Professional Writing
International Relations and Diplomacy
Film and Television Studies Property Development
  Dance and Movement Studies
  Media Studies
Human Resource Management
Sport and Exercise Studies
Theatre Studies
    Popular Music Production
     Third World Development  

* starting in 2016 subject to approval 

How does it work?

There are two ways to combine the subjects in your degree:

  • Joint - study two subjects equally (each year, study three modules from each subject)
  • Major-Minor – specialise in one subject (with up to 5 modules each year) and minor with the remaining module(s) from your second chosen subject.

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