STEMsubjects - STEMpunk - University of Derby


If you want to study STEM subjects at university, you will need to ensure that you choose the right GCSEs and A-levels/BTec at school and college. These subjects (science, technology, engineering and maths) will lead you onto a STEM based university degree. A STEMpunk future studying these subjects could lead to a career pathway where you might be:

  • Creating and testing chemicals and monitoring their effects
  • Developing technology to improve the diagnosis, prevention, monitoring and treatment of diseases and disabilities
  • Working in space science technology
  • Working with technologies that monitor and predict change in the environment
  • Developing sustainable energy sources
  • Designing or manufacturing electronic or telecomms devices
  • Generating and supplying electricity
  • Working in building, construction or property
  • Using mathematics to solve complex issues in science or business
  • Designing, using, maintaining and controlling all forms of mechanical devices

2015 Upcoming events

Women In Engineering, 24th February, 6-9pm
STEMpunk Extravaganza, 17th March, 5-9pm