Interrogating the material world through the heat of the potters kiln

Date: Thursday 20 March

Venue: Silk Mill

Speaker: Professor Sebastian Blackie

In the past potters made glazes empirically.  They gathered rocks, clay, ashes etc and blended them to develop glazes by trial and error.  Professor Blackie will give examples of a similar approach but using the urban landscape as a source of materials.  Showing how common household materials reveal their chemistry when fired in the potters kiln. Professor Blackie will show a number of example of how artists have used this creatively.  He will also explain how his invention, the newspaper kiln, can be made to fire pottery or used in performance.

Professor Blackie has an international reputation and is one of twelve ceramicists representing Great Britain in the Fu Lee International Museum of Ceramic Art.  In the past few years he has been in group exhibitions at Erskine Hall and Coe New Bond Street, The Saatchi Gallery, Kings Rd, London, Boston’s Museum of Fine Art, The Armoury New York, The Navy Peer Chicago, and the Mint Museum North Carolina USA.

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