Innovation and research - Celebrating the difference for success in industry - Evening Lectures - University of Derby

Innovation and research - Celebrating the difference for success in industry

Date: Thursday 20 March

Venue: Kedleston Road

Speaker: Professor Neil Andrew

In some sectors an increasing level of scientific research is having a limited beneficial, and even a negative effect, on society, especially if the outcomes are not balanced by deployment and exploitation from a worldwide knowledge perspective. Reflecting on 30 years of engineering and technology experience in the power generation and railway industries Professor Andrew will demonstrate how innovation has now become essential for future industrial success in the UK.

The most successful universities in the future will be those who can span the chasm from knowledge to application, establishing a track record in innovation and collaboration through to practical exploitation with industry. Professor Andrew will explore how a defining characteristic of all leading academic institutions will be the mind set and confidence of their alumni and how these attributes will be key to the successful implementation of new ideas and concepts for industry.

Assurance of positive outcomes from change is a prerequisite in an increasingly risk averse society. Professor Andrew will seek to illustrate from his own practice how excellence in innovation will give confidence and ultimately recognition to technological developments in an ever changing world.

Professor Neil Andrew is a Visiting Professor of Entrepreneurial Rail Development at the University of Derby.

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