Is Fusion the answer to the World's Energy Problems? - Evening Lectures - University of Derby

Institute of Physics - Is Fusion the answer to the World's Energy Problems?

Date: Wednesday19 March, 7pm (doors open at 6.30pm)

Venue: Markeaton Street, room MS129

Speaker: Simon Edwards

The world remains heavily reliant upon fossil carbon fuel sources and thus has to contend with two global scale issues - the strong possibility that excessive atmospheric carbon is causing global warming  and  the overall limit of exploitable resources. Fusion Energy perhaps offers the chance to provide energy on a scale which can replace fossil fuel but the technological challenges of exploiting it are immense. This lecture reviews the history of thermonuclear power research and discuss the current road map to a possible fusion nirvana.

Will be designed to be accessible for GCSE level students and interesting to all ages above.

Simon Edwards

Simon Edwards qualified in Physics and Geophysics and worked for the United Kingdom Meteorological Office before moving to Derbyshire to join an Environmental Engineering company over 20 years ago.   He has since worked in a number of consultancies before becoming a founding director of Merebrook which subsequently joined a major engineering group to become IDOM Merebrook. The company is engaged in a wide range of projects ranging from Environmental and Civil Engineering to Nuclear Engineering. IDOM-Merebrook is contributing to the ITER experimental fusion reactor project in Caderache, France.  Simon is also a STEM Ambassador and mentor to students on a range of science projects.

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