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What is STEMpunk?

STEMpunk increases awareness in STEM subjects by using the visual vehicle of Steampunk to make learning interesting and fun. Science fiction and other related genres often introduce young people to scientific ideas and thinking, stimulating their imagination and encouraging them to design and invent the products, processes and jobs of the future. STEMpunk enables you to discover hidden STEM careers by experiencing “hands on stuff”. By trying out the latest kit and technology, you are linking directly to our degree courses, and with the spark of creativity ignited; you will begin to see where STEM subjects can take you.

With STEMpunk, there is something for everyone with creativity and a curiosity in science and technology. Throughout the year, STEMpunk hold and partake in different events including the infamous STEMpunk Extravaganza. See our news and events page for more information.

2015 Upcoming events

Women In Engineering, 24th February, 6-9pm
STEMpunk Extravaganza, 17th March, 5-9pm