Dr Mark Pettigrew

Mark Pettigrew

Position: Senior Lecturer in Criminology and Offender Management

College: College of Law, Humanities and Social Sciences

Department: Law, Criminology and Social Sciences

Subject area: Criminology

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Mark has written articles and contributed to books on prison and prisoner management. His PhD study area was in capital punishment and prisoner management.

Mark can talk about prisons, prisoner experience, prison management, capital punishment, whole of life sentences, female sex offending, violent offending and serial killers.

Teaching responsibilities

  • First year tutor
  • Module Leader: Theoretical Criminology; Practical Criminology
  • Pathway Leader: Offender Management

Research interests

  • whole of life imprisonment
  • criminal justice politics
  • female sex offenders
  • serious and violent crime


  • PhD
  • MA
  • BA(Hons)
  • FHEA

Recent publications

  • ‘Living Life Without Parole: A British Case Study’ Journal of Law and Criminal Justice (2016) (in print)
  • A Tale of Two Cities: Whole of Life Prison Sentences in Strasbourg and Westminster (2015) European Journal of Crime, Criminal Law and Criminal Justice (23)
  • ‘Whole of Life Tariffs in the Shadow of Europe: Penological Foundations and Political Popularity’ (2015) Howard Journal of Criminal Justice 54(3)
  • ‘Dehumanising Capital Offenders through Incarceration: Functionality and Irrevocability’ (2014) Journal of Law and Criminal Justice, 2(1)
  • ‘Death Row Incarceration: A Microcosm of Communication?’ (2013) Lambert Publishing
  • Three Strikes Laws: Sentencing and Habitual Offenders’ (2013) Criminal Justice Ethics, edited by Arrigo, B. A. Golson, G. J. Sage Publications
  • ‘Roper vs. Simmons: Juvenile Offenders and Applicability of Capital Punishment’, (2013) Criminal Justice Ethics, edited by Arrigo, B. A. Golson, G. J. Sage Publications
  • ‘Death Row: Approaches to Detaining Death Sentenced Prisoners’, (2013) Criminal Justice Ethics, edited by Arrigo, B. A. Golson, G. J. Sage Publications
  • ‘Hanging’, (2012) Social History of Crime and Punishment in America, Miller. Wilbur R. Sage Publications
  • ‘Discretionary Release’ (2012) Encyclopedia of Community Corrections, edited by Barton-Bellessa, Shannon M. Sage Publications
  • ‘Research Note: Fear & Loathing, Terror & Threat: Are They Tough Enough to Bring Back the Noose?’ (2009) Howard Journal of Criminal Justice, Vol. 48, No. 1

Recent conferences

  • ‘American policy, British Politics: Whole of Life Imprisonment and Transatlantic Influence’ (2015), American Society of Criminology Annual Conference
  • ‘The Wider Functionality of Punitive Detention’, (2014) The Cultural Lives of Death in Punishment Socio-Legal Association Seminar, London, September
  • ‘Colonialism Meets Modernity: The Role of Europe in Shaping Foreign Sanctions of the Criminal Offender’ (2010) European Society of Criminology, Annual Conference, September

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