Our staff - Sport and Exercise Science - University of Derby

Sport and Exercise Staff at Derby

Meet our Sport and Exercise team.

Lee Pridmore

Senior Lecturer in Sport Management and Development

Omari Williams

Senior Lecturer in Sport Management

Dr Matt Higgins

Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Nutrition and Metabolism

James Keenan 

Lecturer in Strength and Conditioning

Dr Stuart Mourton

Lecturer in Motor Control and Skill Acquisition

Dr Callum Osler

Lecturer in Human and Exercise Physiology

Dr Tom Outram

Lecturer in Biomechanics and Performance Analysis

Jennifer Wilson

Lecturer in Sports Rehabilitation

Andrew Butterworth

Lecturer in Sports Coaching & Performance Analysis

Dr Charlotte Chandler

Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Psychology

Clare Roscoe

Lecturer in Physical Activity, Nutrition and Health

James Bostock

Lecturer in Sport Management

Abigail Page 90x125

Abigail Webb

PhD student

Mark Faghy

Associate Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Physiology

David Canham

Senior Lecturer in Sport Coaching

Mark Cheetham

Senior Lecturer in Physiotherapy

Adam Baker

Lecturer in Physiotherapy

Andrew Cowen

Lecturer in Sport Psychology and Psychodynamic Counselling

Luke Gibson

Lecturer in Sport Coaching

Lee Rylands

Lecturer in Coaching Science

Minas Mina

Senior Technician for Sport, Outdoor and Exercise Science