Sarah Seymour-Smith - Guest speakers - University of Derby

Towards a Better Understanding of the Poor Prognostic Outcomes for Prostate Cancer in the African-Caribbean Community

All staff, students and visitors are warmly invited to this talk by Sarah Seymour-Smith

University of Derby, Kedleston Road, Heap Lecture Theatre

Wednesday 16 March 2016, 4.00 to 5.00pm.

What the talk is about

Prostate cancer (PC) affects more than 40, 000 men in the U.K,  of which approximately 10, 700 die from the disease, making this type of cancer the second most common cause of cancer deaths (Cancer Research UK, 2012). Black African-Caribbean men are approximately three times at higher risk of being diagnosed with PC than White men (Thompson, 2013).

In this talk I present findings from 3 related studies which were conducted as part of a grant which aimed to improve the poor prognostic outcomes of prostate cancer in African-Caribbean men. Interviews were conducted with: a) ten men with prostate cancer and b) ten men without prostate cancer in order to explore their perceptions, knowledge and (in the last group) their experience of diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer. Both groups were also asked about the best way to inform African-Caribbean men about prostate cancer. Focus groups were also conducted with two community group initiatives designed to promote cancer awareness in order to seek their advice on health promotion in the community.

Findings from the research are discussed which include a discursive analysis of: how knowledge of prostate cancer was constructed; how barriers to help-seeking and treatment were oriented to; and how medical interactions were constructed.  The talk finishes with a discussion of the health promotion app that was produced in collaboration with the community.

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