Elizabeth Stokoe - Guest speakers - University of Derby

“The conversational racetrack: From research to application, impact and enterprise”

A talk at the University of Derby by Professor Elizabeth Stokoe, Loughborough University on Wednesday 26 November 2014, 4.15 to 5.15pm at Kedleston Road in the Heap Lecture Theatre.

Elizabeth Stokoe is Professor of Social Interaction in the Department of Social Sciences, Loughborough University, UK. She researches the organization of everyday life via audio and video recordings of domestic and workplace conversations, including police-suspect interrogations, dating encounters, mediation and neighbour disputes, medical interaction, and friends talking. She has also compared simulated interaction, or 'role-play', typically used to train and assess people's 'communication skills', to the real encounters they are meant to mimic, showing that they differ in important ways. Most recently, she has applied her research findings about what works in workplace encounters to train practitioners to be more effective in their encounters with their clients and service users. Her research and biography has been the subject of BBC Radio 4’s The Life Scientific, and she has spoken at the Royal Institution and for TED.

What the talk will cover:

In this talk, Elizabeth will explain how conversation analysts study social interaction scientifically, with some surprising results about its routines and predictability. She will use the analogy of a 'racetrack', which has a beginning, end, and hurdles along the way, to think about how people begin, proceed through and complete the daily encounters that comprise social life. Different sorts of encounters - from people on dates to doctor-patient interaction - comprise different racetracks, with different architectures, built from different actions - from questions, requests and compliments to offers, assessments and complaints. Elizabeth will show how real talk differs from simulated conversation in ways that are important for how we think about training people's communication skills. She will discuss the impact of applied research in these areas.

All are welcome, and no booking is needed to attend.  Just come along.

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