Lucy Aphramor - Guest speakers - University of Derby

Eat. Taste. Peace. The Well Now way approach to making peace with food

‌All staff, students and visitors are warmly invited to this talk by Lucy Aphramor

University of Derby, Kedleston Road, B302

Wednesday 2 March 2016, 4.00 to 5.00pm

Dietitian Lucy Aphramor R.D. Ph.D. AMRSPH is internationally recognised for her contribution to advancing compassionate, effective and socially-just nutrition narratives. Lucy is a founder member of Critical Dietetics and a Visiting Research Fellow at Chester University, U.K., with extensive publications across disciplines. Her two weight science articles have combined hits over 160,000. The approach she developed, ‘Well Now’, is used in the NHS, and overseas. Lucy’s work is characterized by a strong commitment to ethics including naming and addressing the embodied impact of poverty, trauma and oppression. She has won awards for her innovative work from the NHS and professional organisations, including Heart UK and the British Dietetic Association (BDA) Rose Simmonds Special Award and, most recently, a BDA Roll of Honour for her contribution to national weight management guidelines.

What the talk will cover

Anxieties concerning eating and weight are widespread and debilitating. Fear, confusion and guilt around food, and intense body shame, occur regardless of our lifestyle or BMI, and are not confined to those with eating disorder diagnoses. Yet there is an alternative.

An embodied, relational approach known as the Well Now way is helping people overcome eating struggles and body confidence issues to find peace with food. Spanning public health, mental wellbeing and eating disorder prevention agendas, Well Now offers a coherent response to integrating social justice issues in 'lifestyle change' conversations.

This enables practitioners to respond ethically and effectively to the behavioural and embodied consequences of living with trauma, discrimination (including size bias) and austerity, all of which impact nutritional wellbeing. Developed by an experienced dietitian, find out how focusing on heath gain and body respect for all can transform people’s relationship with food and their body. An inspiring and practical talk for both personal and professional development.

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