Fieldwork is a vital part of our courses There are opportunities for visits across the region including the beautiful peak district.

Our Geography students have the opportunity to undertake overseas fieldwork in places like Belgium and Morocco. If you study Third World Development, you may go to The Gambia.

Our Geology students carry out field studies in Wales, Scotland, and Tenerife, and go on industrial site visits, while Environmental Hazards students take part in an overseas fieldtrip to explore areas such as earthquake zones and volcanoes first-hand.

Highlights from some of our field trips are listed below:

Agadir, Morocco

You'll look at contested notions of environment, landscape and place. You'll consider the nature, evolution and perception of physical, economic, political, cultural, rural and urban environments, landscapes and places. You'll do an in-depth investigation, along with an evaluation of methodologies of landscape assessment and environmental management.

The Gambia and Senegal, West Africa

You'll evaluate development theory in the light of empirical field-based study. You'll study physical, social, cultural and economic factors supporting and constraining development with reference to local projects in the Gambia and Senegal.

Geneva, Switzerland

The field study involves visits to and evaluations of the United Nations (Geneva). You have the opportunity to observe UN debates, attend UN briefings and meet staff with whom you can discuss the role of the organisation and the challenges it faces.

Tenerife, Canary Islands

The spectacular volcanic scenery of Tenerife provides an outdoor classroom where you'll learn to recognise and interpret volcanic processes, products and hazards.

West Wales, UK

The scenic coastal outcrops of West Wales are an excellent venue to introduce you to the processes and products of sedimentary environments from deep marine to continental. You'll acquire skills in recording and interpretation of sedimentological data.