Teaching Quality

Passion for research At the University of Derby, we aim to build on the existing knowledge and understanding within our subjects through the active research undertaken by our teaching team, and the first-hand experiences and developing knowledge they gain.

Informed teaching

We're proud to boast a strong academic team of active researchers, whose work positively develops their teaching and the quality of the courses we offer.

Through their personal experiences and exciting scientific endeavors, our teaching teams are able to offer you an all-encompassing insight into their subjects.

Their understanding and participation in research means that you'll develop an understanding of both the underpinning and contemporary science through informed teaching.

Leading the way

Geography lecturer, Dr Joseph Cook, recently undertook a research project in order to address the common misconception that polar regions are lifeless, barren, and hostile.

Through his research, Dr Cook was able to provide evidence to the contrary, highlighting the diverse range of microbes accommodated within ice surfaces. He revealed that polar regions are actually home to abundant and active microbial life and explored the role of ice sheets as sites of great biodiversity and drivers of climate change.

Developing and evidencing his findings, Dr Cook was able to inform scientific understanding and bring his personal experience and knowledge back to the classroom, ensuring our students have the latest information from a first-hand source.

Enhanced learning

Celebrating his research, Dr Joseph Cook and the University of Derby Learning Enhancement team were able to create a film documenting these findings.

Life on Earth's Cold Shoulder brings the remote, harsh, and largely inaccessible landscape into the classroom, giving you the opportunity to observe and learn about specific scientific events in context. Through documenting Dr Cook's experience and research, we have allowed you and other students to further your knowledge and understanding of areas that you might otherwise have no opportunity to explore.

Learning Enhancement's Hannah Davies, said: "Our team love bringing the work of our academics to life, in order to enable students and wider audiences to learn through the medium of video. We really pride ourselves on the quality of our teaching materials."

Dr Chris Bussell, Dean of the College, added: "Joseph’s work in itself is extremely important in aiding our understanding of the dynamics of the ice sheets and to have such an innovative and engaging film to widen the accessibility to such globally significant issues is excellent."

The University of Derby was awarded a prestigious accolade at the British University Film and Video Council (BUFVC) Learning on Screen Awards, scooping the award for ‘Courseware and Curriculum In-house Production’ for the second year running.