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Vivienne Brown - iCeGS Associate

Viv Brown


Vivienne  has a background is in senior management - where she was Head of Policy and Strategy in All-Age Guidance for Careers Scotland and Head of Education and Qualifications for Skills Development Scotland.

Prior to these strategic roles, Vivienne worked for 10 years as Chief Executive of Lanarkshire Careers Company. In addition to her senior strategic and operational roles managing and developing careers services in Scotland, Vivienne has an international reputation in advising and supporting other countries and international bodies in the development of their careers systems.

Vivienne is at the forefront of devising creative business strategies and evaluating current delivery using her systemic expertise and her analysis of how strategic decisions impact on professional practice and behaviours.  She adapts this forensic rigour to other career related contexts including skills, learning, training, economic development, education and employability. 

A lead role with the Skills Committee enabled her to integrate a careers perspective within the skills and workforce development challenges considered by the Committee and given as advice to The Scottish Funding Council and Skills Development Scotland Boards.
Two separate secondments to Scottish Government have given her the opportunity to build career guidance into the heart of relevant Government Policy, for example in education, skills strategies, enterprise and inclusion. 

A member of various UK Committees, Boards and Forums, Vivienne has also contributed to numerous international conferences and has undertaken a six city lecture tour of Australia in 2009. She has also been a member of the ELGPN and contributed to numerous Cedefop and ETF activities. Vivienne was also instrumental in organising the International Symposium in Scotland in 2007.

Vivienne is also highly active on behalf of careers professionals, in her role as President of the Institute of Career Guidance in 2009 - and she is still active on behalf of members.


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