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Dr Shaun Morgan

Dr Shaun Morgan


Shaun has recently completed an Ed.D with the University of Derby. Shaun's doctoral thesis explored how mentoring  and social pedagogy for marginalised youth, who are living in deprived communities, can help overcome barriers to employment, training and independent living. 

Shaun's underpinning academic interests include critical theory, communicative action and practice theory. Shaun has worked for 12 years in the education sector, undertaking a variety of service delivery roles.  His interest in social inclusion developed during his time working for an inner-city secondary school in Stoke-on-Trent.  During this time, Shaun contributed to the school's provision by developing new multi-agency models of community education and, towards the end of his time in post, school-based interventions that aimed to meet the needs of pupils with social and emotional difficulties.
Now working as a Special Educational Needs Manager on the Isle of Man, Shaun continues to follow the field of youth mentoring and actively contributes to the conceptual development of social pedagogy. 

Publications include:

Morgan, S.T. (2013). Social Pedagogy within Key Worker Practice: Community Situated Support for Marginalised Youth. International Journal of Social Pedagogy, 2(1): 17-32.

Morgan, S.T. (2012). Youth mentoring across professional settings: A pedagogic approach to social inclusion. Derby: University of Derby, School of Education. Ed.D.