UK/EU: £11,695
INT: £11,695
Course length
Up to 3 years of part time study
Start dates
September, January and May
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Course code: OLPBI    Level: 7

Achieving an MBA is recognised globally as the premium qualification for successful leaders and business managers. Intertwined with advanced financial concepts this brand new, online MBA Global Finance programme combines real-world, practical learning experiences with our specialist online learning platform to create a cutting-edge MBA course designed for the next generation of financial executives.

Over recent years organisations in every country have experienced rapid growth on an international scale and managers are being expected to perform with an approach to global scalability. Throughout this online MBA programme you will cultivate your strategic knowledge, vision and confidence through development of an extensive portfolio of skills, encompassing multiple areas of business, management and finance. Complemented by a guided focus on career planning and employability, this will open doors for a rewarding career in management and operations roles, accompanied by a versatile knowledge base suitable to CEO and CFO positions.

An actionable, work-based online learning experience

The core value of this online MBA Global Finance course emanates from its focus on real-world learning and hands-on involvement beyond typical classroom based education. As an online learner you will be empowered and supported to implement theories and techniques learnt online to tackle real-world business scenarios. Thought-provoking case studies and exciting projects will allow you to experience genuine logistical, operational and managerial challenges faced by international businesses.

The MBA Global Finance will mature your knowledge of topics including strategic leadership, financial management, global operations, markets and resources, business research methods and data analysis. The unique financial strands of this programme then enable you to specialise in international finance, mergers and acquisitions. By encouraging you to engage in omni-directional thought processes to solve problems from a fresh new perspective, upon completion of the course you will be prepared with the confidence to critically evaluate and lead your organisation through any situation.

Integrate yourself with an inspiring, multicultural online community

During the course of studying your MBA Global Finance, you’ll be provided with plenty of opportunities to connect with our expert academic tutors, professional body members, international guest speakers and flourishing global network of business contacts and mentors. By investing in the opportunity to network at this calibre, you will create working relationships that may last a lifetime, allowing you to stay well-informed of the latest developments, debates and crises facing the international business world.

As an online MBA Global Finance student, you will also become part of an all-encompassing, globe-spanning community of fellow online learners. Learning alongside peers from all walks of life and spanning a wide variety of professions, you’ll have the opportunity to create a lifelong network with an astute group of aspiring future business leaders all looking to share their own experiences and cultural identities – and to learn from yours.

Flexible and supported learning

Studying this course online enables you to develop your knowledge and skills part-time, meaning you can fit your studies around any existing work or personal commitments. You’ll learn from our highly experienced academic team, practitioners and consultants, who work for renowned corporations and government agencies worldwide.

Alongside our expert academic team, who bring a wealth of experience and specialist knowledge to enrich your learning further, you will be assigned a dedicated online learner advisor who will assist with any non-academic queries, helping you to achieve a recognised university qualification and advance your career.