UK/EU: £2,205
INT: £2,205
Course length
1 year (30 weeks)
Start dates
January, May, September
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Course code: OLUAT   Level: 3

The Foundation Certificate in Higher Education is a 60 credit, Level 3 foundation course designed to provide you with the English, Maths and Study skills required in order to study at undergraduate level. It is an ideal course to undertake if you are new to Higher Education or if you want to refresh or improve your skills. The course also offers the opportunity for you to take individual Certificates of Credit in each of the skills – ideal if you do not need to refresh all of your skills. Further information of this option can be found below.

Complete one 20 credit module and achieve a Certificate of Credit

You may wish to complete just one module to update your skills for undergraduate study or as part of your CPD. Each 20 credit module can be completed as a standalone award to receive a Certificate of Credit in the following:

  • Certificate of Credit in English for Academic Purposes
  • Certificate of Credit in Introduction to Maths in Preparation for HE
  • Certificate of Credit in Technical English
  • Certificate of Credit in Study Skills for HE

You can take all of these individually if you chose to, but collectively they cannot be classes as the Foundation Certificate. Only one module can be transferred across. This is to give maximum flexibility for students who may wish to take these modules as CPD or refresher modules without having to complete a full programme.

What skills will I develop?

For the full Foundation Certificate you will need to study two core modules: Study Skills for Higher Education and English for Academic Purposes. You can then choose one of two optional modules - either Technical English or Introduction to Maths in Preparation for Higher Education. In addition to improving your academic knowledge, you’ll gain a range of technical skills which will help you in undergraduate studies, job related skills and Continuing Professional Development (CPD). You’ll develop a broad range of practical skills in academic writing, communication, interpersonal skills, study skills, numeracy, data collection and interpretation, problem solving and application underpinned by academic knowledge. For the Certificate of Credit (individual modules) – the choice is yours. However, if you then want to convert to the full Foundation Certificate, you can only take on module before transferring to the full programme. It is not possible to take two modules and then transfer.

Preparing for your IELTS

If you are an International student, by completing this Certificate Foundation in Higher Education, you will be well prepared to take an IELTS test at a local centre in your country.  Although this course is not an IELTS qualification, it will provide you with an opportunity to underpin your knowledge to complete the IELTS test.

Access to UDOL’s undergraduate courses

If you wish to complete a University of Derby Online Learning undergraduate course, we will accept this Foundation Certificate of Higher Education as evidence that you are able to perform at a suitable level of IELTS 6.0 which will improve your eligibility for a number of our undergraduate degrees. This includes our BSc (Hons) Psychology and our BSc (Hons) Business and Management Top-Up course that require a good level of Maths and English. However, there are some courses that will require you to successfully complete a GCSE in English and/or Maths in order for you to gain professional recognition. Whilst this programme will give you some of the underpinning knowledge and skills required, it is not classed as a GCSE equivalent, which you may need to obtain for your chosen career path.

Enhancing your Personal Development Plan (PDP)

This course is also an ideal way to update your Personal Development Planning (PDP). There will be opportunities for you to reflect on your progress and the learning journey within activities set in the academic skills module. The activities will help equip you with the required skills needed in the development of your digital literacy and communication skills and provide you with a foundation for future development in education. During the course you will be directed to activities that will assist in developing your study and career plans, by the use of digital tools and technologies. The Foundation Certificate in Higher Education is designed to encourage you to reflect on your study skills, academic skills and set goals for improvements.

Programme Specification

Image: PDF opens in a new window Foundation Certificate in Higher Education programme specification