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Course length
20 weeks of part time study
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Course code: OLUAH      Level: 4

This Forensic and Crime Scene Investigation (Certificate of Credit) is an exciting introduction to forensic science, providing you with an understanding of how to manage and investigate a crime scene using safe and ethical practices in an entirely online environment.

Using a combination of virtual reality, mini documentaries, interactive media and technical videos we will take you on a learning journey from the gathering and processing of crime scene evidence through to the application of forensic science techniques. You will work through the stages of a criminal investigation by collecting and analysing evidence in a laboratory, writing a statement of evidence and cumulating in preparing a presentation of evidence for a court of law.

Nigel Hudson, Academic Lead introduces this exciting new course.

This is a fully interactive CSI course with bespoke learning materials written by our leading forensic science academic team, specifically for online learning.

Using the latest learning technology, you’ll be able to access realistic crime scenes based in our new specialist crime scene house, located near our campus in Derby. You will search different crime scenes within the house and practice the CSI skills being developed at each stage of the learning journey.

During this 20 week course, you’ll be introduced to four key stages in the investigation of a crime:

  • Introduction to crime scenes

  • Crime scene investigation

  • Forensic science techniques

  • The British Judicial System

As you progress through the course, you will be involved in a number of activities, from navigating around our interactive 360° degree crime scene; taking part in online discussions and interactive diagrams; and making entries in a crime scene log. These will form part of your personal portfolio which will form part of your assessment.

The flexibility of online study

As this course is 100% online study, you can enjoy an interactive and engaging learning experience, without interrupting your existing commitments.

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*Accredited by the The Chartered Society of Forensic Sciences and endorsed by the Forensic Skillsmark.