'Time Machine' Shows Students' Bright Future

8 June 2010

The World War I trench event created by Derby students

The World War I trench event created by Derby students.

Sound and Light Event Technology

Sound, Light and Live Event Technology degree students hard at work.

Having recreated a World War I trench and torrential rain - both indoors - technical wizards at the University of Derby are now taking audiences on a trip through time.

For their final assessments BSc (Hons) Sound, Light and Live Event Technology degree students are creating experiences giving audiences an all round thrill. The course is about staging live events - including rock gigs and theme park attractions - using light shows, surround sound and electronic gadgets.

Their next event is a fast paced simulated Time Machine trip, taking the audience from the age of the dinosaurs to the space race, without them leaving the confines of Auditorium Three in the University's Arts, Design and Technology building in Markeaton Street, Derby. The five minute show will be run at various times daytime from Thursday to Saturday (June 10-12).

It follows previous recent shows creating a:

  • World War I trench, using props, large screen images and the sound of exploding bombs;
  • musical trip from the 1950s to the present day:
  • film on global warming, complete with simulated rainfall from a large tank.

Kit Lane, Lecturer in Media Technology at the University, said: "A lot of organisation goes into the live events the students create. For example, for the film on global warming, Running on Empty, they used a large water tank which constantly recycled water to produce a rainfall effect.

"With the Time Machine simulator they will again be using screened images, sound effects and electronic effects to take the audience through time from the dinosaurs, through ancient civilisations and recent world events, to space travel."

Jason Marks, 22, from Giltbrook, Nottinghamshire - part of the Time Machine project team - said: "We try and produce an event that appeals to the audience's different senses. As well as vision and audio we will also be using a heavy bass sound system to produce vibrations under their seats."

Aircraft salvage company Air Salvage International of Hampshire and lighting hire firm Point Source Productions Ltd of Sutton, near London, provided equipment for the Time Machine. Phase Print Ltd of Underwood, Nottinghamshire, provided help with publicity.

The Time Machine follows a series of interactive sight and sound shows run at the University's Markeaton Street site over the Degree Shows period by final year students on multimedia, music production, music technology, audio system design and popular music courses. The annual Degree Shows period runs from June 3 to 13.

Last week audiences also enjoyed:

  • the Incredible iVis system, which tracks people's use of Wii game hand-held remote control devices to trigger sounds and make music;
  • interactive and imaginative thriller movie, Committed, where people watching call the shots;
  • TypoBeatz, a web-based music sequencer enabling the user to 'type' in music using a normal QWERTY keyboard.

For more information about the University of Derby's Degree Shows see website www.derby.ac.uk/degreeshow.

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