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Mathematics courses


£150 million invested in facilities in the last 10 years

Studying mathematics can provide an insight into our world and make sense of the complexities of the universe we live in. 

By joining our mathematical community you will have the opportunity to apply your studies to real world problems and become a contributor in the pioneering world of mathematics. This gives you the chance to turn the theory you will learn in to practice. 

We've got links with locally-based international companies, so you'll have the chance to get experience of applying your learning to real-life situations. We have been approved by the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications, making you eligible for associate membership  and starting your journey towards Chartered Mathematician (C.Math) status once you have completed your undergraduate Mathematics degree.

I like the fact that I have the difference in learning throughout my Mathematics course.

Lewis Craske

"One day I may be working on a presentation with a small education group, and the next day I may be in a lecture being taught the most effective way to reduce queues in a doctor’s surgery! I get to explore lots of different Mathematics areas, preparing me for any jobs I wish to go into.”

This is Mathematics

  • The chance to participate in innovative research, combined with our great links with industry and academic partnerships means that our mathematics courses have an excellent record for employability.
  • We have recently begun working in partnership with world-leading institutions at CERN, the European Organisation for Nuclear Research, on their ALICE experiment. This new partnership will lead to educational visits to CERN, projects inspired by CERN’s work, tutorials and lectures delivered by its experts, and placement opportunities.
  • We’ll support you throughout your Mathematics studies with one-to-one time with your lecturers, plus weekly mathematics course drop-in clinics.
  • Our courses are accredited by the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications (IMA), which means you can apply for student membership (and associate membership when you graduate) on your way to full Chartered Mathematician (CMath) status. 


The Institue of Mathematics and its Applications (IMA)

What our Mathematics graduates do

A degree in mathematics opens the doors to lots of different careers. You’ll develop analytical and problem-solving skills that will make you more attractive to employers across a range of sectors.

Career opportunities open to graduates include:

  • Operational research
  • Business modelling
  • Banking
  • Simulation modelling
  • Maths modelling
  • Financial analyst
  • Academic research
  • Teaching 

You could also go on to study our MSc Big Data Analytics or MSc Computational Mathematics postgraduate degrees.