International Policing, Law & Enforcement Courses - BA & MSc

International Policing, Law and Enforcement

Crime Research header Our mission is to educate policing and law enforcement professionals, based on international best practice and cutting-edge thought leadership

Established less than ten years ago, the Department of Law and Criminology is the first academic institution in the UK to combine the study of policing, applied criminology and law in one academic department. In that period, we have become a world-leading provider of police education with thousands of police officers studying our awards internationally.

We have one of the largest teams of academics with expertise in policing in a UK university, all with practical experience of policing or criminal process. We assist in all aspects of development in policing to educate you to the highest possible standard.

What makes Derby distinctive in the world of police education

  • We are the only academically independent university in the world to offer whole country police education solutions.
  • We specialise in police education within the context of local cultures and language.
  • Our focus and expertise on policing extends to teaching in the context of Islamic culture.
  • We are one of the only universities in the world to be able to deliver entire institutional development packages, including police leadership, training of trainers, legislation and regulation services, police training and even more effective physical fitness training.
  • We are one of the only UK universities to deliver custom training to Arabic-speaking police officers in the UK.
  • We are one of the only teams in the world capable of covering financial, forensic, psychological and cyber investigation within one department.
  • We also advise organisations as diverse as the Council of the European Union and the International Criminal Court.

About our approach

  • Policing at Derby builds upon strong the reputational, intellectual and commercial links with local Constabularies, national Policing Organisations, scholarly organisations, and international Partners, such as the Royal Malaysian Police, the Ministry of the Interior of Qatar and the Police Service of the United Arab Emirates.
  • Our team engages in cutting edge research and leadership which build upon powerful professional partnerships, driving the development and delivery of training and education to promote professional best practice.
  • We respect that different cultures, countries and geographies require different policing. 
  • With an international focus and a foot in British policing, we provide a unique bridge between UK policing and the rest of world in the form of knowledge transfer.

Policing courses

*This is a new course starting in September 2017 (subject to approval).