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American Studies

American Studies “The course lecturers are published experts and very enthusiastic about their subject - so you definitely know that you are learning from the best” Olivia Pole

The United States of America remains a superpower in the 21st Century so to understand today’s world, it is vital to understand the United States huge influence on global society. American Studies gives you the opportunity to explore America from historical, social, political, economic and cultural perspectives; as well as building your subject knowledge, you will develop skills that are highly valued in careers including teaching, journalism, media, marketing and public services.

Why study American Studies at the University of Derby?

At Derby we give you focus and flexibility. As well as developing a deep understanding of the cornerstones of American history, you will chart America’s impact in shaping the world up to the current day and explore its politics, literature, art, film, television and music. As part of your studies, you will have the option to focus on specific themes such as slavery, civil rights, revolution and the Cold War.

Experience life in the US

We have longstanding partnerships with a variety of US organisations for exchange programmes and field trips so you have opportunities to bring your learning to life throughout your studies.

How will I benefit from studying American Studies at Derby?

You will develop skills that are sought after by employers. You will build evidence of your global awareness and develop your ability to think critically; you will be able to work to deadlines and work independently; you will be able to demonstrate how concepts and frameworks can be used to solve problems and inform decision making. This is one of the most important features of our approach - helping you to change the way you think and develop your own ideas and opinions.

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