Public History Conference - Events - University of Derby

Presentations and speakers

‘Gang Culture’ and the Shakespearean Theatre
Bemnet Berhane, Sophie Hall, Peter Hobson, Alex Schofield

“He Hath Given His Empire”: Shakespeare and the British in Africa
Danielle Burton, Debra Chaweresa, Jack Dolby, Elliott Harris

Shakespeare: America’s National Playwright
Tom Davies, Luke Hardy, Rebecca Payne

Shakespeare the Politician: The Power of Influence on the Succession Question
Ryan Ashby, Megan Morris, Luke Pidgeon, Rebecca Watterson

Rousseau and the Masculine Ideal in the Eighteenth Century
Stephen Bruce, Hannah Close, Jessica Higgins, Brogan Taylor

Social Networks and the Midlands Enlightenment
Jennifer Coggles, Marie Edwards, Michal Golyska, Richard Quinn

Educating A Nation: Rousseau’s Emile and the British Intelligentsia
Stuart Bagley, Ryan Carless, Aaron Jones, Andrew Peatfield

Republicans or Catholics? The Irish and the Spanish Civil War
Matthew Flood, Jake Sutton, Jessica White

Sombreros and Socialism: Mexico and the Spanish Civil War
Ben Marriott, Jake Sutton, Jessica White

Represssion, National Identity and the Basques in Franco’s Spain
Ryan O’Meara, Kirsty Savory, David Titley

David Low, The League of Nations and the Fight Against Fascism
Jack Annesley, Thaiyub Malik, Connor Nicholson

Disney, Snow White and the American Dream
Gabriella Clark, Atlanta Hill, Tom Terry

Discontented America: The Reality of Living in the ‘Roaring Twenties’
George Clark, Bradley Davies, Jared McMahon, Daniel Rogers

The Bauhaus Hausfrau: Women in Weimar Germany
Luke Holder, Ross Marriott, Steven Stuart

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