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Onoriode Duncan - Postgraduate Diploma in Criminal Investigation

“I would recommend the University of Derby - the study facilities are good, the staff are friendly and understanding, and the University is ideally located in a central part of the UK.”
– Onoriode Duncan

It was the appeal of studying a fascinating but unfamiliar sublect which prompted Onoriode Duncan to embark on a postgraduate course in Criminal Investigation at Derby.

“When I decided to return to higher education, it was more about a personal journey. I had not studied academically or been in a higher education institution for ten years and I wanted a mental challenge,” explains Ono, whose first degree was in Business Administration.

“I also wanted to study a field which wasn’t familiar to me but which would furnish me with new transferable skills and knowledge to apply in any job role I chose to pursue.”

She has not regretted her decision. She says she now has a deeper understanding of the criminal justice system, a new-found appreciation for social sciences, and investigative skills which have proved useful in her job as Export Sales Co-ordinator with Xpres, Charterhouse Holdings PLC.

For Ono, the most interesting aspects of the course included the role-play sessions interviewing victims, witnesses and suspects – even though they were initially quite daunting. “These sessions gave me a more hands-on understanding of the interviewing process, how to acquire information and how to keep focus on the objective,” she comments.

The chance to look at real-life case studies showing how crimes had been solved was also vital to her learning process, along with regular lectures delivered by professionals such as current and former police officers.

Ono praises the quality of the library and IT facilities at the University and was particularly impressed by the helpful and supportive teaching team.

She gained her Postgraduate Diploma in Criminal Investigation in October 2013. Although her learning was not directly relevant to her current job role – which embraces business development and customer account management – she says it enabled her to bring new perspectives to the workplace. “I use the skills I’ve gained to help manage and analyse information for projects, as well as in aspects of my work like investigating redundant customer accounts.”

She concludes:“I would recommend the University of Derby. The fees are reasonable, the study facilities are good, the staff are friendly and understanding, and the University is ideally located in a central part of the UK.”

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An international perspective

We are committed to studying in the field. One group of students recently visited criminal justice agencies in Los Angeles and San Francisco, with highlights including visits to San Quentin State Prison and gang projects in LA, a day spent with San Francisco Police Department and the chance to meet students from California State University.