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Criminology Research at Derby We support you to pursue your interests through your own original research

Research in the Department of Law and Criminology is thriving. Most of our staff actively research in their chosen field of study. Our results in the Research Excellence Framework (REF) 2014 assessment reflect our strengths in this area. For example, the REF found that our research output was 'international class' with much of our outputs regarded as internationally excellent. Furthermore, when the REF examined whether our research had any positive impact or significance on the outside world all of our research was assessed as being internationally respected.

These results reflect the vitality of our research and the importance we attach to conducting research. This was further underlined by the REF assessing that the research environment in the Department is in the vast majority of instances (almost 90%) of international credibility, with much of our research being viewed as possessing international excellence.


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An international perspective

We are committed to studying in the field. One group of students recently visited criminal justice agencies in Los Angeles and San Francisco, with highlights including visits to San Quentin State Prison and gang projects in LA, a day spent with San Francisco Police Department and the chance to meet students from California State University.