Short-term Study visas

If you will be coming to the UK to study a short course, retake a module or exam or submit an assessment, then you should apply for a Short-term Study visa. Please make sure you are aware of the differences between Tier 4 and Short-term Study visas.


You can only apply for a Short-term Study visa from outside of the UK and must use the online application. Once you have registered an account for the online application, you must select the following options:


Appy for myself

Reason for Visit: Study

Visa Type: Study (non Points-Based System)

Visa Sub Type: Study – Short-term student 6 months or 11 months


In most cases you will choose six months. If you are coming to study an English language course then you should select 11 months. This is the maximum time these visas are valid for.


Can I extend the visa whilst in the UK or switch to another visa category?

No, these visas are intended for you to visit the UK and then leave before the visa expires. If you wish to apply for another visa you will have to return to your home country and apply from there.


Will I be issued with a CAS number?

No, CAS numbers are issued for Tier 4 visa applicants only. The relevant department or person that you have been communicating with will issue you with an official letter that you will need to submit with your visa application. This letter will contain similar details though, such as your name, passport information and course details.