Student Exchange- Erasmus

Take advantage of study opportunities across the world

Take advantage of study opportunities around the world! 

Broaden your horizons and do something that will enhance your CV- study abroad!  The majority of graduates describe it as the best year of their degree course.

What is Erasmus+?

Erasmus+ scheme is a student mobility programme, funded by the European Commission, that students the opportunity to study or work for a period of time in another EU country or 'partner' state.

Why participate in the Erasmus+ programme?

Erasmus+ scheme is a great opportunity to spend between 3 and 12 months in a European country. You will have a chance to explore a new country, understand a new culture and make new friends while broadening your education. Studying or working abroad will also improve your employment opportunities. 

See why employers and students would recommend the Erasmus+ Programme “Why take part in Erasmus

Erasmus+ grant

You will receive an Erasmus+ grant which you receive in addition to the grant or loan that you might already receive for your UK tuition fees. Students going on exchange under the Erasmus + programme do not pay any university fees in the hosting/partner university.

This additional Erasmus+ Grant will cover some of your living costs in your host country. The Erasmus+ grant is intended as a contribution to assist you with any extra costs while you are studying and living abroad.

Who can go on Erasmus?

Erasmus+ scheme is open to all students. It is also available to professors and universities' staff.

The programme is open to 33 countries: Member States of the European Union, EU candidate countries and EFTA / EEA members.

How to apply

Complete the Outgoing Erasmus+ Student Form and email it to:‌

To find out more you can download the Erasmus+ Student Guide

Contact Us:

The University of Derby has a dedicated Manager who looks after the Erasmus+ Programme.




Incoming Students

If you're studying at another university and want to come to Derby for part of your course, just complete the Application for Incoming Erasmus Students and email it to:‌

Choose the modules you want to study

To view the course table to see what modules are available at Derby click here. Please complete the Module Selection Form for Incoming Exchange Studentsemail this to  


Erasmus Charter & Policy Statement