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Take advantage of study opportunities across the world

Have you considered studying abroad as part of your degree?  

Now is your chance. The Erasmus+ Programme offers you the chance to become an exchange student.

There are a number of reasons students choose the Erasmus+ Programme; for some it is a required part of their degree, for others it is an ideal opportunity to live in another city in Europe or further afield and for many it is the chance to expand their university experience.

Download our free information guide to see why employers and students would recommend the Erasmus+ Programme “Why take part in Erasmus”.

Top 10 Reasons to take part

  1. Get a grant and receive tuition fee support
  2. Stand out in the job market – a great addition to your CV
  3. Return more motivated, independent and confident
  4. It counts towards your degree –it’s not a gap year
  5. Learn a range of life-skills not taught in the lecture theatre
  6. Access a wider range of subject areas than in the UK
  7. Improve your language skills
  8. Gain an international network of lifelong friends
  9. Discover a different culture, gain an international perspective and travel
  10. It’s really good fun!

As a student at the University of Derby, you have the opportunity to study abroad as part of the Erasmus+ scheme. Erasmus+ enables you to study or work abroad as part of your degree in 33 European countries.

The Erasmus+ exchange programme enables you to study abroad in a safe and supported manner and is one of the most high-profile European Union schemes for students. It helps to create a greater sense of Global identity and employers have also stated the benefit of employing someone who has studied abroad.

For more information about the Erasmus+ scheme, how you can apply and how it will work with your degree, contact

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How to apply

All you need to do is complete the request form and email it to:

Incoming Students

If you're studying at another university and want to come to Derby for part of your course, just complete the application form for incoming students and email it to:

Choose the modules you want to study

Download a copy of the Joint Honours handbook to see the modules available at Derby.

And then complete the module selection form and email to to  

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Erasmus Policy Statement