Diagnostic imaging suite

The diagnostic imaging suite houses the very latest technology for radiographers, including an x-ray machine and Lunar iDEXA scanner with the latest technology for accurately imaging bone density and body composition.

  • Find out more information about bone densitometry and body composition scans.

We also have two peripheral heel, x-ray and ultrasound scanners, and a portable ultrasound scanner which is currently situated in our open bay clinical treatment room with an ultrasound couch.

We currently have contracts to provide full body composition scans to compliment a strength and conditioning programme for Derby County Football Club's first team.

Take a look at how iDEXA scanning can help you as an athlete or your team to achieve the maximum benefits from your training programmes.

If you would like further information or you would like to request a booking for this facility, please email us or call us on 01332 592326.