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iDXA Body Composition Clinic

The iDXA scanner uses x-ray to provide a high resolution digital image of your full body composition and bone density. Performed by a radiographer in our purpose built clinical suite, the scan details tissue, fat, lean muscle mass and bone mineral content to the gram and bone density readings.                                                                        


iDXA scanning for teams 

Performance monitoring with the iDXA enables you to effectively manage the condition of your whole team. You can find the optimum composition levels of your team players for maximum performance and highlight the stats of star players to encourage improvement for other players. It can also encourage competition to drive constant improvement.

iDXA for athletes 

  • Understand your body
  • Understand the true impact of your training and technique
  • Know your optimum performance levels
  • Target areas to improve personal bests
  • Benchmark and monitor your condition for success
  • Gain information for the power to drive harder.

Performance monitoring

Monitor your condition, or those of your team, against the season to understand the required levels for optimum performance. You can also monitor your condition or those of your team against achievements to understand the condition you need to be in to out-perform your competitors.


Diagnostic imaging using the Lunar iDXA scanner can provide either a full body composition report or a full bone density report, with additional more in-depth areas available for bone density including hip and lumbar spine to assess injured / rehabilitated areas and for the risk of osteoporosis. 

The dose from the scan is minimal, equalling the amount of background radiation you would encounter in any 12 hour period.

Even though you can see significant breaks and bone patterns from an iDXA scan the iDXA scan does not provide the same level of detail as an x-ray so to look at breaks and fractures etc we would advise you to book an x-ray with us following consultation with your GP.


Our iDXA service is led by Radiographer, Alan Parsons.

Alan has delivered our iDXA services for 11 years servicing both the NHS and elite athletes and has a wealth of experience in both service delivery and service development as the Radiation Protection Supervisor for the University of Derby. Alongside the NHS Alan has worked with a number of elite sporting teams including Team GB for British Athletics, Derby County Football Club, UK Taekwondo, Paralympic athletes, British Superbike riders and a number of competitive bodybuilders.

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