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Liz Allibone

Liz Allibone head shot for CNE network pageLiz Allibone is a nurse and proud to be so. Liz is currently Head of Clinical Education & Training at The Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS Foundation Trust in London, responsible for the strategic development and delivery of clinical and professional education programmes and initiatives for Trust nursing staff. Liz is also the Trust lead for pre-registration students, bands 1 to 4 healthcare support workers and Non Medical Prescribers. 

Liz’s experience includes four years nursing across the United States and she currently specialises in cardio-thoracic nursing. Liz is widely published and cited and also regularly reviews articles for nursing journals. Liz completed her MA in Clinical Education at Edge Hill University, for which she awarded distinction, and researched the role of the Clinical Nurse Educator for her dissertation.

With increasing demands on nurses Liz believes the Clinical Nurse Educator is vital to the development of excellence in nursing care helping all staff reach their full potential. Co-founding CNEnet is part of a long-term commitment to raising the profile and status of the nurses central to shaping healthcare standards in the 21st century

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2015 How to Remove a Chest Drain Nursing Standard (in press)

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2013 Delivery of Oxygen, Nebulisers, Peak Flow (co-editor) Clinical

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2005 Principles for Inserting and Managing Chest Drains Nursing Times 101 42 45-49

2005 We Have the Power to Empower; Editorial - Nursing Times (Respiratory Supplement) 101 6 47

2003 Nursing Management of Chest Drains Nursing Standard 17 22 45-55

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