Things you need to know


Living in halls should be a fantastic experience for everyone.

But sometimes some extra info can lend a helping hand. So take a look around these short few sections for some useful advice on how to make the best of your experience.


Using your communications package

Using the internetTo connect to the internet for the first time, you'll need to collect a connection DVD from the ask4 staff or your hall office. ...


Useful documents

We know that moving in and the first few weeks of term can pass by in a whirlwind and important information can sometimes get missed. So in case ...

Students in discussion

Our student code of conduct

Make sure you read our student code of conduct for living in hallsIt's intended to make sure that our procedures for maintaining reasonable ...


Fire safety

If you hear the fire alarm, leave the building immediatelyAnd don't go back in until a member of staff tells you it's safe. We test our fire ...



Noise affects everyone - local residents, your flatmates and other student residentsBeing considerate about noise works both ways. You won't want ...

Students relaxing in the sun

Getting along with your flatmates

Keep an open mindRespect other people, their views and habits - it will make your time in halls more interesting and enjoyable. You may find that ...

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