Data Protection vs Freedom of Information

It's important to distinguish requests made by individuals under the terms of the Data Protection Act from those made under the terms of the Freedom of Information Act. Basically, if an individual wishes to see information we hold that specifically describes themselves, then this is a Subject Access Request made under the terms of the Data Protection Act. Such enquiries should usually be referred straight to the Information Assurance Coordinator, though if the request is for a limited amount of information easily available to you (eg the mark sheet for a particular essay) then please refer the request direct to your Information Co-ordinator

If an individual is asking for general information about the University, its activities, or any other material held in our records, then this is a Freedom of Information request. If it is not possible to tell exactly what sort of request is being made, or a request appears to cover elements of both laws, such enquiries should always be referred to your Information Co-ordinator.