The National Student Survey (NSS) - Student Feedback Survey 2016 - University of Derby

The National Student Survey (NSS)

You'll be contacted about the National Student Survey if you're a final year undergraduate student (though there are some exceptions to this rule). The survey asks about your learning experience over the time you've been studying with us.

If you're eligible and don't complete the survey before March IPSOS Mori, who administer the survey for universities across the UK, will begin calling you. We want to avoid this so we run a big campaign in February with lots of incentives to encourage you to get involved.

The survey is really important the results are published on Unistats for prospective students to see when they're deciding which universities to apply for. But ultimately it helps inform how we move forward and will make sure that students really are at the heart of what we do.

The University doesn't have access to individual student details when the results are returned. Instead we receive the results by subject area and so your anonymity is assured.

The survey can be completed at