Lorna-Anne Reeve, BSc (Hons) Mathematics, 2015

Currently I am employed as a Business Analyst at Bombardier Transportation – I am based at the Derby site but travel around support depots across the country.   My day to day duties include material forecasting, process management, coaching and training, and process reviews and development, along with IT support for the software used.

I work within a small team of six, with complementary skills to deliver optimum service to the fleets - we work closely together and it’s like we are a family when away from home. Being part of a large organisation I get to meet many different people from different departments around the world.

What were the main reasons that you took that course?

I was a working mum studying with the Open University, which was proving very hard. So I went to a few Open Days to local universities to see about becoming a full time mature student. I had lots of concerns, being older than most students, about missing blocks of education as it was a few years since I had left school and hoped the Mathematics degree would kick-start a new career direction for me.  After talking to one of the lecturers about my concerns and the course, I was not worried. I signed up in September 2011, and looking back it is in the top 5 best things I have ever done.

How did the lecturers inspire you?
The passion about their subject came through in their teaching, they were fully knowledgeable about the theory and said at the time it was used in business - I can honestly say I am using elements of the maths I learnt in my current role.  The lecturers not only inspired me but they cared, and when my time at university became very stressful they were all very helpful and understanding. I felt like a person with them, and not just a number - they offered me extra help when I could not grasp a topic, showing at times that they had the patience of saints.

What are your future plans?
I am just starting to settle in being a single working mum, so I’m happy to keep improving my working knowledge and support my growing children. In a few years I may return to study.  I know that the degree I have obtained through blood, sweat and lots of tears has given me a foundation to build a career on and to be a role model to my children and those I support through the STEM Ambassador Scheme. 

What would you say to anyone else coming to this university to study?
I have no hesitation in recommending Derby University, and would encourage anyone to go to the Open Days - speak to the lecturers, ask every question you can think of.  100% you will get the best support and teaching from the Mathematics Department at Derby University.  

Who are you still in touch with from the University of Derby?
I am in touch with the lecturers at the university, I have occasionally popped by for the odd coffee. I also still meet up with some of my fellow students for tea and cake or the odd drink after work. 

Lorna-Anne Reeve

"Currently I am employed as a Business Analyst at Bombardier Transportation – I am based at the Derby site but travel around support depots across the country".