Dr Heidi Sowter, Senior Lecturer in Biology and Head of the Biological Sciences Research Group

Heidi Sowter

Over one million women are diagnosed with cancer in the UK each year. Womb cancer is the most commonly diagnosed gynaecological cancer, followed by ovarian cancer, then cervical cancer.

Dr Heidi Sowter, in collaboration with doctors at the Royal Derby Hospital, is currently researching whether yoga can improve the quality of life for patients with gynaecological cancer.

More than 100 patients currently being treated with either surgery or chemotherapy are taking part in the study.

Heidi said, "This clinical trial will determine if yoga has positive effects on gynaecological cancer patients. If the results are positive, then future patients could benefit from an improved cancer care service."

Mr Bali, a gynaecological oncologist from Derby City Hospital added, "We are testing the hypothesis that yoga can benefit cancer patients by helping to manage symptoms of the disease such as fatigue, insomnia and stress. Information from this study could help to improve the care of future gynaecological cancer patients." 

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