SEND - Non-accredited CPD - University of Derby

Special Education Needs and Disability (SEND)

CPD packages can be created for teachers, teaching assistants, and other support staff to:

  • understand and identify best practice in the area of SEND and inclusive practices as is in keeping with the 2014 Children and Families Act and Code of Practice
  • evaluate and improve individual professional practice within the context of the education setting towards positive impact for pupils
  • understand the special and general pedagogic responses that can be made in response to developmental diversity in terms of the classroom and wider education setting.

Previous CPD programme outcomes have focused on:

  • enhancing the deployment and impact of teaching assistants within special and mainstream education settings
  • developing skill in assessment for learning and personalised teaching towards positive outcomes for children and young people with special educational needs
  • using person centred approaches to behaviour management in pupil referral units.

Generally the minimum group size is six and maximum group size is around 30, but all packages are staffed and costed to meet your individual requirements.

We also welcome you to join our Professional Development Network (PDN) for SEND and Inclusive Practice.


All of these programmes are designed with impact on pupils in mind. Those delivering the programmes will meet with senior leaders to discuss what this desirable impact might be and how it might be evaluated.

The programmes have been well received by participants and managers.


Bespoke CPD packages are competitively priced according to your unique requirements.

If you would like to talk to someone about our CPD packages, please call Nia Sutton on 01332 591592, or email