School-Based Inquiry Project - Non-accredited CPD - University of Derby

School-Based Inquiry Project: Teachers Researching Into Their Own Practice

For teachers interested in developing a chosen aspect of their practice.

As an extension of self-evaluation procedures, schools are curious about how to develop their practice that fits with educational and national political discourses. Features of school improvement are today built around evidenced-based outcomes. The National College of Teaching and Learning (NCTL) advocate that schools should focus on ways to self-evaluate their improvement mechanisms. How schools collect that evidence, learn from it and use it, are less well documented. One way of building a body of school improvement evidence is to engage in school-based inquiry where practitioners create space for undertaking classroom-based research.

We help to set up and provide on-going support for teachers and their leadership teams to engage in professionally liberating research which has the capacity to make impact on classroom pedagogy and wider school culture.

Contact us with the details of what you want to achieve and we can design a facilitation and support package to meet your needs and budget.

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