Level 7 CPD packages - Accredited CPD - University of Derby

Level 7 CPD Packages

Level 7 CPD is delivered in two phases and arises from the non-accredited CPD package option.

Level 7 CPD packages are aimed at groups of teaching staff and those with an undergraduate degree or equivalent qualification or experience, and can be designed to support pedagogic, curriculum, leadership, or management priorities. There are two phases to the delivery.

The core content derives from one or more of our MA Education programme modules to match your development needs. Sessions are contextualised and scheduled in agreement with schools/colleges.

The fees are dependent on the number of hours delivery and the numbers of staff attending. The venue is usually at the school/college/education setting. At this point, there is no formal assessment and this is not accredited CPD.

However, attendees have the option to convert their CPD work into accredited MA Education module(s) of 20 credits, which can then be used towards a full MA Education, Postgraduate Certificate, or Postgraduate Diploma. This is achieved by engaging in the assessment process at a later date with an additional cost.

Generally a minimum group size would be six, but all groups can be costed and much larger groups can be supported with multiple facilitators attending.

If you would like to talk to someone about our CPD packages, please call Nia Sutton on 01332 591592, or email n.sutton@derby.ac.uk