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Institute of Education

Institute of Ed - launch event 504 Educational research that matters At Derby, we conduct educational research that makes a difference. We work at the cutting edge of the field to develop new ideas and evaluate what works.

Welcome to the Institute of Education

We are the hub for educational research at the University of Derby. The Institute conducts educational research and provides consultancy to schools, education providers, the wider education sector, and Government. We have a lifelong focus and addresses education policy, practice, and research from early years to adult learning.

The Institute is home to researchers from the College of Education, educational researchers from across the University of Derby, and associate researchers from a range of schools and organisations. Its core areas of focus include: career education and guidance; educational leadership and management; higher education; mathematics education; and special needs education.

The Institute was launched in October 2015 and brings together a wide range of pre-existing research and expertise from the University of Derby.