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Centre for Society, Religion and Belief Welcome to the Centre for Society, Religion and Belief The centre responds to major trends in society and culture

The Centre responds to major trends in society and culture. Religion and belief in society is a subject of great importance, cutting across all sectors of our social world from national and international governments and policy makers, to local communities, social groups, individuals and academics.

The Centre provides sociological, cultural and policy analyses of contemporary society and its religions, beliefs and values. The Centre is interested in values and beliefs in a wide sense, in terms of how people interpret the world and give meaning to their lives.

Our research focuses on eight interrelated themes:

  • Sociology of religion
    Classical and contemporary social theories of religion, the empirical analysis of religion in contemporary society, and the religious lives and beliefs of contemporary Muslims, Christians and Buddhists.
  • Sacred texts in culture and society
    Historical, biblical, cultural and sociological approaches to sacred texts, including the Hebrew Bible.
  • Equality, diversity and discrimination
    Issues of equality, diversity and discrimination in relation to religion and belief, gender, ethnicity, social class, disability, sexuality and age, and their intersections, including a focus on the social and policy dimensions of equality legislation.
  • Youth, education and faith
    The place of religion and belief in education (especially higher education), young people and religion, and youth inter-faith activities.
  • Health and well-being
    Sociology of health and illness, representations of disability, and health, social care and art therapy interventions to promote well-being.
  • Popular culture and spirituality
    Cultural representations of apocalyptic and folk beliefs, the construction of spirituality on the internet, the sociology of humour and visual research methods.
  • Gender, family and violence
    Sociology of gender and feminist theory; crime, violence and abuse in intimate relationships; and sociological approaches to same-sex relationships.
  • Globalisation, migration, tourism and religion
    Religion and migration, the globalisation of religion, religion and tourism, and international relations. 

Latest news

21 February 2014

Dr Sariya Cheruvallil-Contractor speaks to BBC Radio Sussex, Surrey and Humberside about inter-faith relations after a UKIP MEP candidate refused to shake hands with women.

22 January 2014

Dr Sariya Cheruvallil-Contractor speaks out about recognising Muslim women's voices.

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