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Justice for All We are launching our new service at One Friar Gate Square, Derby on Tuesday 25 October

Friday 21 October 2016

On Tuesday 25 October the University of Derby will launch a new service - Justice For All - which will be based at One Friar Gate Square, Derby Campus.

The service is aimed at those who have suffered the loss of a family member in the UK or overseas, but in usual circumstances and where questions surrounding the death remain unanswered.

Justice For All will become an invaluable resource to the victims’ relatives who want to know how, where, when and why their loved one died. The new service will help families by providing practical help, which will help locate the body and with repatriation, whether the local or UK police are involved and whether crime is suspected.

In the majority of cases the police, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, and the coroners are able to help, but each year there are dozens of cases where desperate families require levels of support that statutory agencies are unable to provide.

With the support of those running Justice For All - who will draw on their experience, knowledge and contacts - the bereaved families will learn what really happened to their loved one and in many cases they will find out if a crime had been committed.

Justice For All’s personnel includes an impressive line-up of skilled and experienced investigators, who will piece together all the facts and build a picture of what actually happened. Written reports, detailing all their findings, will be made available to the family, including professional opinion about the quality and scope of the investigations, what investigative opportunities may have been overlooked and what (if anything) might still be done to progress the case.

Crucially, their aim is for the process to be family-focused and will always ask beforehand what it is the relatives are hoping to discover by using the new service.

The UoD’s/Institute’s students will support the investigation by reviewing case papers, any open source material and appraising forensic evidence and crime scene interpretations. When appropriate, they will meet with family members, friends and associates of the victim and even witnesses (if circumstances allow). They also prepare draft family reports. 

The investigative expertise is provided by university teaching staff - many of whom are former senior ranking police officers - who also have strategic responsibility for engaging with the bereaved families, HM Coroners, the FCO, police services and forensic science laboratories, which will further enhance the credibility of the university and the services offered to the public.

Commenting on the launch of the new service, Dr Phil Hodgson, Head of Criminology, said: “The UoD is becoming recognised as a centre of excellence for social justice and during the last 12 months senior members of staff have contributed to several BBC and Channel 4 documentaries, helping to investigate how and why certain UK nationals died abroad and also investigating a number of suspicious deaths in the UK.

“Our experienced staff will be able to help families uncover the facts in relation to the death of a loved one, which we hope will be a great comfort to those families who would have had no-one to turn to and perhaps would never find out what really happened, which in many cases is more difficult to come to terms with than the death itself.”

For more information on Justice for All, please contact Tony Blockley at t.blockley@derby.ac.uk.

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