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Our Expertise

In addition to offering a wide range of leadership development services we have particular expertise, developed from our research, in the fields of transitions in Technology Leadership, Sports Leadership and Systems Leadership

Technology Leadership

Leadership in technology focused environments brings with it unique challenges relating to the speed of innovation, adaptability and the multiple skills that leaders need to meet both technical and people related challenges. Our areas of expertise focus particularly on engineering leadership, IT leadership and Agile Leadership

Engineering Leadership Transitions

Each organisation and each individual is different but there are common themes which emerge in developing leaders in engineering contexts. We have identified from our research that transitioning from a technical role to a leadership role can be one of the most significant and challenging for both the individual and the organisation. 

Our expertise in developing leaders allows both technical skills and leadership skills to be recognised and developed in line with the new role and the organisational context.  Because of what we know about this transition our main focus in working with you is on developing people focused skills which are connected to existing technical knowledge. 

If you would like more information about Engineering Leadership Transitions please contact Phil Delight or Joanne Carlier

Agile Leadership

Agile Project Management Methods, particularly Scrum techniques, are often used in young, dynamic IT organisations but we have found that these methods can transform organisational performance across all sectors.

By focusing on clear outcomes and by using a range of innovative techniques leaders can transform their own teams to become more highly motivated and more productive to generate high levels of engagement with their organisations. 

Our workshops, which promise to be highly engaging and transformational, can be adapted to your own organisations requirements.

To discuss our Agile Leadership Programmes contact Tim Slater

IT Leadership

Our recent global research study demonstrates that tried and tested methods used in developing conventional leaders aren't always the best way of developing leaders in IT. 

Our study has given us some valuable insights into how IT workers view their work, what matters to them and what doesn't.  The findings of this research show that IT Leaders can be benefit from knowing more about who is working for them and what makes them work in the way that they do, so that they can lead their organisations effectively and adaptively.

Contact Joanne Carlier to discuss how our research can develop your leadership capabilities.

Sports Leadership

Many of the members of the Centre for Leadership Development have an active interest in sport, both in participation and in the business of sport.  We recognise that elite athletes and leaders in business can learn a lot from one another in terms of how we set goals, develop high performing teams and demonstrate personal leadership.  We work with sports organisations and individuals to develop  leadership skills and organisational performance.  

Contact Joanne Carlier to discuss our sports leadership further  

Transitions - Beyond Elite Performance

One of our current research projects examines athletes' transitions from elite performance to new personal ventures.  This transition can be particularly difficult for some athletes whilst others are able to adapt to this new challenge more easily than others.  Our initial research findings are demonstrating that personal identity, resilience and preparedness are key features of this transition.

If you would like to discuss our Beyond Elite Performance project further please contact Joanne Carlier


Systems Leadership

 The main focus for most leaders is on improvement and innovation within their own organisations. However, there are growing numbers of leaders whose responsibility and influence is felt beyond their host organisation. These leaders are to be found, for example in the public sector, leading multiple local authority services; in the private sector, leading innovation in sustainable supply chains and in the regeneration of cities and reinvention of whole sectors that straddle both public and private sector interests.

The Centre for Leadership Development is conducting research into the nature of leadership in self-improving systems and the support needed to help people transition from organisational to system wide leadership. 

Contact Fred Paterson for further information