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Centre for Leadership Development

Derby Business School Leadership Development Creating value within your organisation

Past and present, Derby’s many successful business leaders have shown an ability to develop, adapt, change and move forward. Derby Business School is no different.

Today, we need adaptable leaders more than ever. A company’s survival, let alone growth, depends on having the flexibility to accommodate new customer tastes, globalised markets, social networking opportunities and more.

By gathering researchers, experts and employers that work together to solve problems that matter - here and now - the Centre for Leadership Development (CLD) is finding new ways for leaders to flourish.

What is an effective leader?

It’s someone who:

  • steps back, and to one side, to see a better way forward;
  • focuses and simplifies, as well as innovates and develops;
  • changes processes, instead of reworking existing ones;
  • works smarter with a new way, rather than harder with an old one;
  • takes responsibility for the whole organisation, not just his/her function;
  • makes the most of collective intelligence and involves the expertise of a broad range of people to solve problems.

Derby Business School’s growing reputation for staying close to employers, teaching with contemporary insight, and applying research findings to real-world issues, means it’s a place where leaders learn from leaders. CLD is where they can find direction, development and inspiration.

What you get from CLD

  • Senior leadership development
  • Specialist consultancy
  • Executive coaching and in-role learning
  • Development workshops and programmes
  • Applied research
  • Knowledge generation and sharing

We have the expertise and experience to help you and your organisation benefit from the value that effective leadership brings. Join us by talking to Joanne Carlier on 01332 591456 or at j.carlier@derby.ac.uk