Certificate in Continuing Professional Development (Field Sales and Marketing)

Why choose this course?

This programme is part of the FieldStar continued professional development series. It has been developed in partnership between FieldStar and the University of Derby, and is the first university accredited learning and development programme created specifically for those working in field sales, or face-to-face marketing roles with personal sales target.

It will help you on your journey to become an exceptional sales person, improving the return on investment you deliver for your employer. On successful completion of the programme you'll also gain an internationally recognised university level qualification.

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Fact file

Course code: CAAHH

Start date(s): Early June 2015

Course length: Part time: 20 weeks (approx)

Programme Level: Level 4

Number of credits: 40 credits

About this course

Work based learning has you and your activities at work at its core. It’s a flexible and cost effective way to study that fits around your work and home life commitments.

As you progress through each unit you’ll be encouraged to apply what you’ve learned to your work, using the opportunities that occur naturally within your workplace to link, test, refine and fully understand the knowledge and skills you have gained.

You’ll use the online portal to reflect on what you find. We’ll help you develop a ‘what, so what, now what’ style of reflection that can help you to become a forward thinking, pro-active learner in everything you do.

During the programme you’ll also produce a personal development plan that will help you to align your learning with your company’s objectives, and carry it forward, ensuring that the knowledge and skills you’ve developed continue to benefit you and your employer long after the programme has ended.

You’ll be supported throughout by your personal tutor. Learning activities include online learning (videos, text, interactive diagrams, etc) as well as structured activities designed to help you develop knowledge and skills that you can immediately put to practical use.

What's covered

The Level 4 Certificate in Continuing Professional Development programme will cover.

Industry essentials

  • The essentials of marketing
  • The 7 Ps of marketing
  • Customer targeting & segmentation
  • A brief history of the industry
  • Understanding sectors, disciplines & return on investment
  • The future of field sales & field marketing
  • Keeping within the law

Understanding, protecting & building brands

  • Understanding brands & branding
  • Brand elements
  • Exploring brand identity
  • Brand advocates & ambassadors
  • Your role in brand building & protection

The science of selling

  • What is selling
  • How customers really make decisions
  • The customer journey in the sales process
  • Information & purchase decisions
  • Factors influencing purchase decisions

Principles of customer service (& service recovery)

  • What is a customer & why should we care?
  • The LTV concept
  • The wants and needs of the customer
  • Front and back wheel customer service
  • Diffusing difficult situations
  • Resolution & rescue

Understanding & following a structured sales process

  • Exploring sales models
  • Exploring the field sales process
  • Selling B2B vs. B2C
  • Understanding what you are selling
  • Selling products vs. services
  • Evaluating the right sales process

Effective sales strategy & planning

  • Value vs. likelihood – the sales matrix
  • Planning and research
  • The sales cycle – where are you now?
  • The principles of CRM

Planning & managing time & task

  • Analysing your time
  • Managing a territory
  • Effective route planning
  • What are your rocks?
  • The urgent / important matrix
  • How to use the matrix
  • Strategies for different quadrants
  • Dealing with time thieves

Approach & engagement - building rapport

  • Understanding brand you
  • Creating instant rapport
  • Building rapport - mirroring, matching & reciprocity
  • Understanding the WIIFM factor

Essential verbal & non-verbal communication skills

  • Introducing body language
  • Busting the Mehrabian myth
  • How to speak so that people want to listen
  • Exploring tone
  • The power of words
  • Body language secrets revealed
  • Your body language shapes who you are
  • How to spot a liar
  • Reading other peoples body language

Delivering sales presentations in the field

  • Planning your presentation
  • Props and presentation aids
  • Avoiding ‘death by PowerPoint’ (and its equivalent)
  • Tips for using visual presentation aids
  • Managing your audience
  • How to deliver a powerful performance
  • Sales presentation practice

Questioning & listening skills

  • The power of questioning and listening
  • Exploring question types
  • Open and closed questions
  • Great sales questions
  • Effective listening
  • Listening in the silence
  • Questioning & interviewing

Influencing & persuasion skills

  • Exploring influence and persuasion
  • Cialdini’s 6 weapons of influence
    • o Weapon 1: Reciprocity
    • o Weapon 2: Scarcity
    • o Weapon 3: Authority
    • o Weapon 4: Commitment and consistency
    • o Weapon 5: Liking
    • o Weapon 6: Consensus or ‘social proof’
    • o Using your “weapons of influence”
  • Understanding and using different types of power
  • Strategic persuasion - it starts with you

Sales negotiation skills & techniques

  • What is negotiation?
  • Principles of negotiation
  • The ground rules
  • Understanding what you can negotiate
  • Negotiation planning & preparation
  • Negotiation in practice

Closing - handling objections & gaining commitment

  • Creating the path to closing the sale
  • Anticipating and understanding objections
  • Dealing with difficult questions
  • Asking for yes
  • Dealing with no
  • The importance of ethical selling
  • Delivering on promises

Managing ongoing customer relationships

  • Field sales and account management
  • Principles of good account management
  • Developing the business
  • The importance of trust
  • How to build trust

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Fees and finance

£1,200 per student.

Entry requirements

If you're over 18, working in a field sales or face to face marketing role, and have positive support from your employer, we welcome your application. There are no prior learning requirements, but a good command of written and spoken English is expected.

Where will I study?

This course is delivered online, through your place of work.

Kedleston Road site

How to apply

Apply for this course online

Find out more

E: corporatelearning@derby.ac.uk
T: 0800 678 3311