University Diploma in Event Safety Management

Why choose this course?

  • This course has been developed in partnership with Capita Symonds Leisure Safety Group. It offers a comprehensive overview of events safety and helps you apply these skills to the workplace.
  • It's delivered by leading professionals from Capita Symonds and University of Derby. Course leader Eddy Grant has recently played a key role in the delivery of a safe and secure London Games.
  • You'll be up to date with existing legislation that affects you as an events organiser.
  • It demystifies the issue of risk assessment and you'll learn how to run events safely.
  • Much of your course will be studied online, so you can fit the studying around your other commitments.
  • On successful completion you'll be awarded a University of Derby Diploma - a level 5 qualification - and you'll also meet the academic requirements for Tech IOSH.

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Fact file

Course code: CAAAO

Start date(s): You can start this course in February or October

Course length: Part time: 8 months

Programme Level: Level 5

Number of credits: 60 credits

About this course

Taking Creativity Seriously

"The responsibility of people's safety and lives cannot be underestimated and has to be taken seriously. The author of risk assessments takes responsibility for their content and a number have been challenged in court and a few have served a prison sentence. This Diploma aims to address the quality and skills needed. We take individuals experienced in events, provide them with the knowledge needed - inspire them, assess them, award them and have some fun."

Richard Limb, Capita Symonds

The Diploma in Events Safety Management is ideal for practising event professionals who are responsible for health and safety or customer protection at festivals, sporting events, public gatherings, commercial and not for profit events, as well as large-scale and international association meetings.

You'll begin the course with a three day workshop in Events Safety Management, delivered by Richard Limb from Capita Symonds. You'll then attend a two day workshop in Crisis Communication and Reputation Management.

You'll also be studying Events Legislation online. On successful completion of this module you will meet the academic requirements for Tech IOSH.

All our online materials have been developed to be fully interactive and include video case studies from major events, talking heads from industry professionals and activities that encourage debate on our discussion board.

What's covered

You'll study these modules:

Crisis Communication and Reputation Management (20 credits)

This module will enable you to understand the necessity of preparing, planning and implementing a crisis communication plan as it is essential in the events industry to appreciate the lifecycle of a crisis and the importance of a correct situational response.

The levels of command and the systems in place for any situation requiring emergency, crisis/disaster management will be investigated. 

The module will further explore the issues addressed in the Event Safety Plan albeit with a separate crisis communication plan intended to be utilised as a consequence of an emergency or crisis at an event.

Events Legislation (20 credits)

This module is intended to provide you with an awareness of relevant legislation affecting the planning and implementation of event operations. You will be introduced to the intricacies of risk analysis and assessment, health and safety requirements, site and venue design, licensing, contracting and corporate manslaughter and wider sustainability issues. It will also provide you with the opportunity to contextualise legal frameworks to specific events and venues.

Events Safety Management (20 credits)

The events industry is multi-faceted and encompasses current and emerging festival, corporate and sporting events. To ensure events are conducted with due care, diligence and regard for the welfare of staff and customers, each event needs to identify and assess unique venue specific health and safety planning and management.

This module incorporates size, scale, place and type of venue and how the type of facility, its design and technical capabilities impact on the event. The module comprises all phases of event logistics from the supply of customers, facilities, product transportation to crowd control, behaviour and crowd dynamics. To further develop knowledge of site and venue design and to assess how venue space is interpreted, positive and negative externalities and their corresponding legal requirements are factored into the planning process.

As risk analysis remains a prevalent necessity in today's events industry, you will be introduced to the identification, contingency planning and management of financial, operational and event health and safety risk.

How you'll learn

The course is delivered in a series of workshops supported by online materials

  • Events Safety Management - three day workshop delivered by Richard Limb of Capita Symonds and Eddy Grant of University of Derby
  • Crisis Management - two day workshop delivered by Ron Woodham of Contingency Solutions
  • Event Legislation - two day workshop

For the cohort starting in October 2015 the dates are:

  • 7/8/9 October for Event Safety Management
  • 11/12 February 2016 for Crisis Communication & Reputation Management

For the cohort starting in February 2016 the dates are:

  • 3/4/5 February 2016 for Event Safety Management
  • 12/13 May 2016 for Crisis Communication & Reputation Management

Both workshops take place at the University of Derby

  • Our online materials have been developed to be fully interactive and include video case studies from major events, talking heads from industry professionals and activities that encourage debate on our discussion board.

How you're assessed

You'll be assessed on each of the three modules. You will also be required to produce an events safety plan and a crisis plan, as well as undertake a time-constrained assignment on events legislation.

Fees and finance

UK and EU students

  • £1,920 (in total)

Overseas students

  • £3,690 (in total)

*These fees apply if you're starting this course between September 2015 and August 2016. We recommend you check fee details with us though, as they can change.

Helping your career

On completion of the course you'll have a University Diploma in Events Safety Management - an industry endorsed qualification that will directly improve your ability to do your job. You will also have met the academic requirements for Tech IOSH.

Entry requirements

Anything else?

About the Centre

The Centre for Events Professional Development at University of Derby Corporate is a leading provider of events management courses that are specifically designed for people working within the industry and who want to achieve a professional qualification.

Delegates can enrol as individuals on open courses to develop their career. We also work with organisations to develop bespoke training solutions for groups of delegates tailored to individual business requirements.

Our events management courses are supported through our links with the leading national and international employers in the events industry which ensures that they remain relevant and in line with industry developments - these connections also enable students to put their learning into practice through accredited work experience.

University of Derby Corporate is a founding member AEME (the Association of Event Management Educators) and has been instrumental in the development of programmes for the industry.

Where will I study?

Online and at two workshops at the University of Derby

How to apply

Apply for this course online

Find out more

T: 0800 678 3311

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