Collaborative Leadership Across Communities

About this course

How can leaders work together to secure wider system value through sharing and collaborating?

This one day seminar explores collaborative leadership from a community perspective:

  • It examines how leaders can better engage people in a genuinely participatory process to improve their communities.
  • It explores how community participation in ‘collaborative incubators’ can unleash their ideas and enterprising energies.
  • Crucially it will help you be a catalyst for both civic leadership and collaborative empowerment across your communities.

How can you as a leader engage, build and support community based collaborative activities and solutions?

If you do so successfully, it will result in two outcomes:

  1. You will have helped create the right conditions to support and sustain community engagement and participation
  2. Your collaborative leadership will foster a more active civic engagement in the co-design and co-delivery of public services
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What's covered

You will cover:

Initiating Engagement
Place-based participatory leadership and collaborative engagement

Enterprising Communities
Co-production of new ideas and ways of working with the wider community

Collaborative Empowerment
Developing community capacity to ‘make it real’ on the ground

You will do this by examining:

  • Equipping yourself for the journey
  • Understanding your landscape
  • Identify the problem
  • Innovation
  • Capacity building
  • Safeguarding the process


Who should attend?

This programme is directly relevant to senior staff operating across local government, LEPs, housing associations, further & high education institutions, police, fire & rescue, NHS and social care providers, health and well-being boards, local strategic partnership, neighbourhood and whole-place community budget pilots.

Helping your career

This is part one of a three part programme of short courses. You can choose to join one, two or all three. The workshops offer a qualification pathway to a PG Cert in Collaborative Leadership for individuals seeking to enhance their personal collaborative skills set.

Developed in partnership between University of Derby Corporate and Shared Service Architects

Course dates

The workshop runs regularly throughout the year please contact us for the next available dates.


Please contact us for further information regaarding cohort delivery costs.

Where will I study?

‌Enterprise Centre

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